How To Deal With Stubborn People?

Deal with Stubborn People

Learn to deal with stubborn people to gain self improvement

In our daily life, we have met or knew many people of different personalities and I believe that one of the most difficult types will be the stubborn one. So let’s learn about how we can handle them in this article.

Before we dived into the techniques, we must first learn about what is the cause of stubbornness? Is it from birth or is it from influence or some other factors?

Firstly, what is stubbornness? Stubbornness is being defined as holding on to an established way of thinking and doing things. It is also associated to “attachment” and “opposition to changes”. Therefore, it is difficult to attempt to convince someone who is stubborn, so what causes a person to be like that?

Causes of stubbornness vary across different people and here are some of them.

1. Strong belief and conviction

A stubborn person might have a strong and firm standing in what they believe is the truth so he will resist any competition or disagreement. This attribute will be a beneficial factor to someone who is on the right track of life, otherwise it can be deathly.

2. Putting up a defensive wall for his opinion

He might have the feeling that his point of view is not accepted by others, so he will draw up a defensive self to stand to his view and also release an aggressive self to impose his thoughts onto others.

3. Self centered and feeling of inferiority

Self centred people tends to stick to their thoughts and doing due to their pride and this lead to stubbornness. If a person always feels that others are more superior to him, this will ignite the trigger for him to shout and forcefully impose this opinion on others. This is an act of avoidance and cover up for his weakness.

After going through the possible causes of stubbornness, here are some techniques to deal with them.

1. Patience plays a major role

Be patient. When you are dealing with a stubborn person, you need to be patient and do not get agitated by him. If you become upset and affected by him, you tend to flare up and cause the situation to turn worse.

2. Value his view and belief

Remember this golden rule: Never tell a stubborn person that he is wrong. He will not like it and will shut himself off from any further communication.

3. Be flexible to make compromise

If you encounter someone that is sticking to his point and refuse to give in, it is sometimes not worth your effort to challenge him to change his view. You need to practice flexibility on certain things and making options for compromise.

By using all or some these techniques, it will definitely equip you better to deal with stubborn people.

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