Ways to Keep a Marriage Happy

Ways to Keep a Marriage Happy

What is the meaning of marriage to you? Do you have the thinking of “Marriage is the graveyard of your love”?
If you nod your head, please throw this negative thoughts out of your mind and ban it from entering again. Marriage can be as sweet as the feeling during the dating period, or even more blissful. It highly depend on your know-how to manage it and here are some useful ways to achieve a fairy tale like love story.

Ways to create a blissful marriage

1. Good communication does matters

In marriage life, it is inevitable to have some arguments or disagreement, but it is unhealthy for a couple to quarrel everyday as it will cause strain and stress to the relationship. So you must put a limit to it to prevent any red light in the marriage.

Some tips to engage good communication

- Do not magnify small matter into big problem

- Be careful of the tonality and the way your express your feeling, do not be too harsh on your words

- Do not dig out history of wrong doing and use it to argue

- Show respect and do not push responsibilities to each other

2. Do not intend to change the other party

In courting and dating years, you will feel that the other party is perfect and flawless, but after a while, you will discover that it is not as your initial feeling. You will try to change him or her to the type of partner that you want but most of the time, you will fail and start to blame the other party that he is not willing to change for you.

Instead of trying to change the person, you should learn to show respect each other and giving freedom. It is just like holding a handful of sand, the tighter you hold, the more you lost. Even after marriage, the couple should also has their own life and privacy. Last but not least, be more graceful and learn to forgive. We should always focus on the strength and not picking on the weakness.

3. Learn to appreciate each other

Do you still remember the compliments and sweet talking during your courtship days? But it seems to be missing after marriage, so be generous with your praises.

4. Voice Out Your Thoughts

Do not bottle up your thoughts and leave things unspoken.

It will be good to have daily chat to voice out any disagreement or share any thoughts just before sleep.

5. Do not Take each other for granted

This is definitely a killer factor for any relationships. This usually happens after the honeymoon period. When one side of the party has the feeling of being taken for granted, not respected, or feels that others holds a higher priority than him/her, unhappiness will take place.

In summary, it is possible to maintain a blissful marriage if both parties show effort to practice the above mentioned ways and also display love and support to each another. Marriage is not about give and take, but largely about giving. It is definitely a worthwhile effort to look into ways to strengthen a marriage to achieve the kind of marriage you always longed for.

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